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“To the ordinary material intellect which takes its present organisation of consciousness for the limit of its possibilities, the direct contradiction of the unrealised ideals with the realised fact is a final argument against their validity…”

— Sri Aurobindo

The Beyond Within is dedicated to the exploration of contemporary spirituality as it is emerging in the world today, in all its various forms and guises. It deeply values practice and direct experience over belief and dogma, while attempting to draw connections and bridges between all the major practice traditions, and the wealth of knowledge they have generated over the past epoch of human history.

As such, The Beyond Within is primarily interested in spirituality with genuine depth, free from the easy comfort of new age clichés which have proliferated into a veritable smorgasbord; easy to pick and choose, easy to consume, but ultimately unsatisfying to humanity’s deepest yearnings and preoccupations. What the pioneering Tibetan teacher, Chogyum Trungpa, aptly labelled ‘spiritual materialism’.

Any real investigation of spiritual realities and practice along this line would be amiss not to consider the impact of 21st Century living on our nature, our ability to make real progress and effectively break through into deeper levels of experience, and on our future as a race, burgeoning as it is with new technology, new communication and scientific progress, all in the continual process of radically changing what it is to be alive here and now and into the future. There is in its unstoppable march, the potential to virtually wipe out any kind of spiritual connection, or the potential to ferry us to new shores of understanding, where we collectively and individually rediscover our deepest Origins anew, having come so far.