On this page I intend to add causes that fall within the milieu of The Beyond Within and its core interest in fostering and supporting emerging and contemporary spirituality in the 21st Century, wherever and however it appears. This includes both preserving the essential elements and lineages of the great spiritual traditions of our history, and also the fostering of contemporary practice, and new forms of spiritual expression and insight. There is right now, a new kind of activism appearing around the planet. It is networked and well informed, distributed and leaderless with many causes to raise, but nevertheless unified in a quiet and underlying way. Within this ‘movement’, a new fusion between activism and genuine spirituality is forming, chipping away at the stale, archaic, ultimately empty thought-forms and mass assumptions that have led us to a social, economic and cultural impasse.

If you have a cause you wish to bring to the attention of The Beyond Within, or like me, you are mutually interested in finding ways to financially support work like this, and anyone who wishes to dedicate themselves to intensive practices, I would love to hear from you. So feel free to contact me.

Support Guang Jue Monastery.

Without donations and sponsors the courses, urgent repairs and maintenance, and work on the Peace Pond (the Guan Yin Sanctuary) cannot continue. Guang Jue Pure Land Monastery is truly unique in China, being the only temple in the whole country that is open to both Chinese and foreign lay people to come and stay, participate in temple life, do courses in meditation and mindfulness, and other Buddhist practices, also taught in English. Especially unique is the agreement with local Chán meditation masters from the surrounding area to come and share their knowledge to the public for the first time. Support for this cause is important, not just for this little rural temple and its future, but also for the future preservation, revitalisation, and public awareness of genuine Dharma practice in modern China.

Visit the Monastery website here: and support with donations or sponsorship here.



  1. I was able to donate $20 using PayPal, but was surprised the payment was in Australian dollars. No matter, Australia seems to be no better off than America and needs all the enlightenment it can get.

    China is the perfect example of how Buddhism has failed to cope with the latest changes in the world. It could not foresee today’s rush towards total destruction, and ended up being destroyed itself.

    The enemy is not only within, but without too.

  2. Many thanks! If you have any questions about your donation, feel free to contact Malcom at

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