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My very first thought, when creating this page was the hope that someone might like to support my practice, and indeed the practice of anyone who is in a sense, a post-traditional yogi. For someone coming from a modern western background, one of the major obstacles in the pursuit of deep and sustained dedication to meditation practice is financial. In the East, traditionally, there was a place for anyone who decided they wanted to pursue asceticism or long-term meditation retreats. Wandering aspirants, yogis, and saints were, and generally still are to an extent supported by the public, their work recognised as a legitimate and important part of life in society. In the west, it would generally be regarded as dropping out and being unproductive. Those who want to pursue meditation and take it as close as they possibly can to mastery and its ultimate consequences, if they aren’t lucky enough to have access to funds and a network or organisation of support, are forced in many ways to compromise, and also keep their spiritual aspirations incognito. If this is an issue you too relate to, I would love to hear from you and find ways to generate support and contemporary legitimacy for spiritual pursuits. Or if you feel you have a cause or issue  that you feel is worthy of support and want to raise it at The Beyond Within, feel free to contact me.


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